Kimberly the Koala

Kimberly the Koala


      Meet Kimberly the Koala. She’s the type who’s friends with everyone she meets. Want her to be your friend too? Show up with a handful of eucalyptus leaves and you’ll be friends for life. 

      In fact, there’s nothing Kimberly likes more than to snack on eucalyptus leaves. She eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus snacks on them in between. 

      When she’s not hanging out with her friends, Kimberly is hanging out in trees, snoozing away in the gently swaying branches. 

      Create a unique nursery space with the Kimberly the Koala print range. Begin with a bassinet sheet, then layer pillows and blankets. Add a koala print to the wall. Then select from a beautifully soft jersey wrap or delicate muslin wrap for your little one. 

      A contemporary Australian brand, Kira & Billy create everyday, elegant nursery essentials with modern styling. The fun and stylish aesthetic incorporates playful patterns and bright colours that reflect the joy and wonder of childhood.