Gezebel the Giraffe

Gezebel the Giraffe


      Meet Gezabel the Giraffe, a gentle soul with a big heart who always stands up for her friends.  

      Gezabel is always ready to help out those in need, whether it’s reaching for something off the highest shelf or just to be there when you need her. 

      She’s a curious creature who loves exploring the outdoors, in all sorts of weather. Although she’s still on the hunt for the perfect cold weather scarf – it’s proving to be a tall order. 

      Create an inviting space for your child to sleep and play with the Gezabel the Giraffe print. Start by with a bassinet sheet, layer on pillows and blankets, then add giraffe wall art. Finish with a beautifully soft jersey wrap or muslin wrap to embrace your little one. 

      A contemporary Australian brand, Kira & Billy create everyday, elegant nursery essentials with a modern aesthetic. The fun and stylish aesthetic incorporates playful patterns and bright colours that reflect the joy and wonder of childhood.