Boris the Bunny

Boris the Bunny


      Boris the Bunny is the most energetic of the gang. He’s always hopping about and leaping over things, stopping only to eat his favourite food – carrots. 

      Boris is almost impossible to pin down. He’s always popping up somewhere new, only sticking around long enough to say hello. Then with a twitch of his nose and a flick of his tail, he’s off on the next adventure. 

      Create a joyful place for your child to sleep and play with the Boris the Bunny print. Begin by layering a bassinet sheet, pillows and blankets, then incorporate bunny wall art. Complete your collection with a luxurious jersey wrap or muslin wrap to embrace your little one. 

      A contemporary Australian brand, Kira & Billy create everyday, elegant nursery essentials with a modern aesthetic. The fun and stylish aesthetic incorporates playful patterns and bright colours that reflect the joy and wonder of childhood.